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Tank for keep finished liquid

Tank for keep finished liquid

Product Description

Major characteristics

The equipment is suitable for filling high-viscosity materials. The piston is driven by a servo motor and matched with a three-way rotary valve to extract and eject materials. And by adjusting the pulse signal of the servo motor to control the filling stroke, the filling volume can be adjusted.

Applicable to: food, cosmetics, daily chemical, agrochemical and other industries.


Main performance parameter 

Filling capacity

100ML-1000ML ; 1L-5L; 

Power supply

220V/50HZ 3.5Kw;

Filling error

≤±0.5 grams;

Filling method

servo piston following type;

Number of filling heads

2 heads / 3 heads / 4 heads

Production speed

2000-4000 bottles/hour

Gas source requirements

stable gas source of 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa



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