5-30L Packing Line

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Automatic big drum filling packing line for 5-30kg, for liquid and viscous product.

Automatic big drum filling packing line for 5-30kg, for liquid and viscous product.

Product Description



The 5-30L packaging line for viscous/non viscous liquid processes bottles5L-30L in volume. With an automatic packing line, need to according to customer’s product, capacity, choose suitable bottle infeeder, filling machine, capping machine, gluing/self-adhesive labeling machine, the packaging line is a complete production line that even can packages and seals cartons.


This line is suitable for automatic packaging of 5-30L of chemical, edible oil, lubricating oil, pesticide and other liquids. Automatically complete filling, capping, labeling, QR code, unpacking, and packing
, Sealing, palletizing, equipped with an integrated environmental protection cover. It complies with the standards of safety, environmental protection and intelligent three-in-one, automatic coordination of production process, stable and efficient.



Main performance parameter : 

Filling range


Bottle size range

L: 160mm~360mm, W: 140mm~260mm, H: 250mm~500mm

(Min: 140 x 200 x 320 mm, Max: 260 x 290 x 500 mm)

Diameter of bottle opening

diameter ≥40mm

Power supply


Measurement accuracy

+- 0.5%

Production capacity



Bottle feeding direction

From left to right

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